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Get ahead of the competition with our powerful Facebook Marketplace listing automation tool.

Sign up for an account to access our Facebook Marketplace Wizard chrome extension.

Start your 7-day free trial today!

  • How can I test MP Wizard?
    Sign up for our 7-days free trial and you can cancel before the trial period ends. Cancellation is easy and pain free.
  • What suppliers are available?
    Currently we have the following suppliers: - Amazon - eBay - Walmart - Banggood - Costco - Best Buy - Home Depot - Lowes - and many more to come.
  • Can I cancel MP Wizard subscription at any time?
    Yes. Simply follow these steps: 1. Open the MP Wizard chrome extension. 2. Login with your credentials. 3. Click on Profile at the top navigation. 4. Click on Cancel Subscription. Please note: If you cancel before your 7-day trial ends, no charge will be made to your card. If you cancel after your trial period, your subscription is cancelled starting the next billing period. Alternatively, you can manage and cancel your subscription through our Stripe partner's portal at
  • What happens to my listings if I cancel?
    Your listings on Facebook Marketplace will still be there. You simply cannot list any new items.
  • Cancellation Policy
    You may cancel your subscription to MP Wizard at any time. To cancel, please visit your account settings and follow the instructions for subscription cancellation. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current paid period, and you will continue to have access until then.
  • Refund Policy
    We provide free trials as a way for you to test our tool. If you do not wish to to continue your subscription, you must cancel before the free trial period ends. We provide flexible and convenient ways to cancel. Please follow the 2 ways in above section to cancel. If you could not cancel with the methods provided, you must send us a cancellation request email to before the free trial period ends. After the initial free trial period, refunds will not be provided, and you will not be charged moving forward once you cancel. If you encounter issues with our service, please contact our support team for assistance. We are committed to ensuring that our tool meets your needs.
  • Dispute Resolution
    Before filing a chargeback with your credit card provider, we ask that you contact us to discuss any issues or concerns with our service. We strive to resolve disputes amicably and efficiently. Unauthorized or fraudulent charge claims will be investigated thoroughly. Continued abuse of our refund policy will result in the termination of your subscription.
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