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Streamline your facebook marketplace listings and increase sales with our easy-to-use tool.

Say goodbye to manual listing headaches and hello to automated success on Facebook Marketplace.

This simple Chrome Extension will auto-list any listing from eBay or Amazon onto Facebook Marketplace.

Get an account now and start making money today!




Post on Facebook Marketplace with one click

Save time and skip the dreadful work of copying and pasting. MP Wizard will transfer all the data from your supplier website such as Amazon and eBay onto Facebook Marketplace with a single click.


Create Unlimited Listings

With the MP Wizard you have no limit to how many products you can auto list and drop ship from our suppliers.


Repricer Bucket

Check your drop shipping supplier prices and update your listing with one click on a button.


Auto Margin Calculator

Create your desired profit margin on the products you drop ship with ease. Our drop shipping profit calculator will mark up all your products you dropship so you do not need to worry about any math when listing. Just input the percent profit you'd like to make, and you are all set.


Amazon Research

Instantly uncover top selling products on Amazon. Imagine knowing what the top selling products are in all major categories on Amazon. If you are stuck with finding new products, start with this tool to spark an endless stream of ideas.


eBay Competitors Research

With the MP Wizard Competitors Research, you can find already selling drop-shipping products. All it takes is to paste any eBay sellers name you find into our tool, wait about 30 seconds and our tool will pull all that seller’s information. You will get information no one else has access to. You will get their top selling products, units sold, revenue earned, and a direct link to those products.

With those products you find you can either re-list them from the eBay seller onto Facebook Marketplace or look to source it cheaper somewhere else. But the main goal is that you find products that are selling NOW!


Listing Templates

Create your own templates for listings.


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